The DJ Flush Collection

NJ-based Cool DJ Flush had a series of tapes recorded in the mid-80s labeled simply with a number. Many were compilations of recordings of mid-80s hip-hop radio from Philadelphia, primarily WDAS and Power 99. Occasionally, they'd be 12"s or LPs recorded onto tape. The radio recordings are collected here as a piece of mid-80s hip-hop and electro history. (Also included, some later house mixes by Flush.)

And here's a direct link to all the DJ Flush items on the Internet Archive.

* indicates digitized, but not yet posted
^ indicates tapes that will not be posted

Flush 1 (aka Bad Boys Funk)Features a great Run-DMC drop for Power 99 where they rework a portion of "Here We Go."
Flush 2Electro and early hip-hop from 1984/85, featuring a great Shanté Power 99/Mike Jackson drop promoting her new track "Runaway."
Flush 3Power 99 show featuring an amazing DJ Cash Money guest mix.
Flush 4
Flush 5
Flush 6
Flush 7
Flush 8(silver painted tape, assumed to be #8)
Flush 9
Flush 101985 hip-hop with a dash of electro.
Flush 11 *^One side of L.L. Cool J tracks from a 12"
Flush 12Paul Harcastle and some electro and hip-hop. Side B seems to just be the Show/La Di Da Di 12".
Flush 13 ^Newcleus
Flush 14 ^Beat Street Vol. 2
Flush 15 (aka Breakin' Stuff, Boogaloo Stuff)Electro and mid-80s hip-hop
Flush 16 ^Fat Boys
Flush 17 ^Whodini: Escape
Flush 18Hip-hop, electro, pop, and R&B. Likely from January 1986 because of a reference to Super Sunday by Lady B at the end of side B.
Flush 19Features a vicious live LL set at the end of side A.
Flush 20Very short tape.
Flush 21missing
Flush 22 *
Flush 23missing
Flush 24
Flush 25
Flush 26
Flush 27 *
Flush 28 *
Flush 29 *
Flush 30 *
Flush 31 *
Flush 32 *
Flush 33Tape snapped before digitization.
Flush 34
Flush 35
Flush 36
Flush 37
Flush 38Early on in side A starts a wicked sampler-based mix by Jeff Mills featuring LL, the B Boys, heavy UTFO/Big Beat breaks, Run-DMC, and more. One of my favorite moments in the Flush Collection.
Flush 39Includes a live L.L. set (not sure where it's from). Also digging Pretty Ricky & Boo Ski's "It's Mine" (obviously, an answer record to T La Rock's "It's Yours"). By far the most popular from the collection on the IA.
Flush 40 *^Boogie Boys' City Life LP and Fat Boys' The Fat Boys Are Back LP
Flush 41Features a KISS-FM Mastermix from NYC and a fantastic full-track radio ID for Lady B/Power 99/Street Beat.
Flush 42Run-DMC's Raising Hell (not included) and some Lady B goodness from 1986.
Flush 43 *
Flush 44 *
Flush 45 *From Summer 1986, features two fantastic ads (one on each side) for a Philly vs New York "War Tour" that happened at the Spectrum on August 30, 1986.
Flush 46 *
Flush 47 *
Flush 48 *
Flush 49 *
Flush 50missing
Flush 51missing
Flush 52 ^Schoolly D - PSK
Flush 53 ^Steady B - Def
Flush 54 ^MC Jazzy Jeff - On Fire
Flush 55missing
Flush 56missing
Flush 57missing
Flush 58missing
Flush 59missing
Flush 60missing
Flush 61 (aka Music to Which I Spin)Lots of dope electro, breaks, and early hip-hop.
Flush 62
Radio Rap Pt. 1The first in a series of three “Radio Rap” tapes that were recorded around 1989 when Lady B’s Street Beat on Power 99 (Philadelphia) moved to Saturday (the show also ended that year). There are some bits of Lady B’s airbreaks between tracks.
Radio Rap Pt. 2Recorded around 1989. Side A features some tracks from Power 99 but may end with some Jeff Mills, Detroit techno legend that was also a dope hip-hop DJ. Side B features 16-minutes of Philly legend DJ Cash Money with Lady B on Power 99's Street Beat followed by a few more gems.
Radio Rap Pt. 3"Jeff Mills (Homeboy is really def!)"
Flush Oct '91In the of Fall '91, Flush wasn't spinning too much hip-hop, so this mixtape is a blend of house, club, and that subgenre that seemed to only exist in 1991: hip-house.